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Renovation, Reuse & Sustainable Maintain of Heritage – Moh. Aly Square, Downtown


Alaweet Alexandria

Renovation, Reuse of Heritage Square

Alexandria is a city of peaceful coexistence. Since its birth; since it’s born BC, aa multicultural city, and continued to be till the modern times welcoming residents and immigrants  with various nationalities, living and coexisting, influencing the city and becoming part of it.

Muhammad Ali Square or “Al-Mansheya” is a real example of this concept, wehere the buildings and landmarks still whiteness and confirm this coexistence. The square was known as the “Square of Consuls” in the time of Muhammad Ali Pasha, there you found the three religions existed; Synagogue, Churches and Mosques. In fact there are more than five Christian confessions with their Churches and schools. Which aren’t unprecedented in any other city in the world.

Today, Al-Mansheya  square remained as the heart of Alexandria due to its proximity from Alexandria port, although two centuries have passed Al-Mansheya; still the main downtown, and didn’t lose its splendor or its attractiveness to both tourists and citizens. And so, in order to keep this place, and preserving it from losing its authenticity, and as the world tends to invest and develop heritage places, it is required to attract investments to Al Masheya area with a developed global vision that is different than the current vision; which demolished the heritage building and replacing them with new, Instead of investing in the heritage. After the successful accomplishments of similar heritage development projects in Cairo Governorate, the Khedive Cairo project, it became a model to be followed throughout the city. This is who the idea of ​​implementing a development project ” ALAWEET ALEXANDRIA”, at Al-Mansheya area.

Aims of project:

The ANPIEMED aims by this project to develop Al-Mansheya square and around it, as witness of the modern history of Egypt since, Mohamed Ali Pasha.

The project process

The first stage of the project is to working in the three streets, the first stage of the project is a stuy for the parallel streets  (St. Sherif, St. Tawfiq, St. Al-Attarin), which are linked togther by passages, located in the eastern entrance to the square.

In this stage we are working on submitting a proposal for a heritage touristic tour, and turning it into an investment and tourist attraction and preserving the heritage character and by dealing with this stage, we can discover many problems in Mansheya square.

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