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Development of historical Garden in Alexandria



Bibliotheca Alexandrina

Technology & Maritime Academy- Arch. depart

Alexandria is one of the largest cities in Egypt in terms of population and urban density, second only to Cairo. Since its origination in the 300s BC, it has been one of the biggest metropolises in the ancient world, culturally, intellectually, politically and economically. Alexandria’s classy urban environment over the different eras was always reflected in the creation of gardens and public spaces for its residents since the Ptolemaic era.  

in the lecture we try to reviews the urban growth of the city and contravention over these parks through time. The parks and gardens are Nozha Complex, which includes Antoniadis Garden, Nozha Garden, Rose Garden, and Alexandria Zoo Garden; as well Montazah Gardens and Shalalat Gardens. we will examined these parks individually in terms of their history.

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