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Rosetta hidden Heritage



Art museum

Rosetta national Museum

Dr. said Raka
Director of Rosetta museum

Rosetta, as a heritage city or an open air museum, is very remarkable since it embraces unique attributes of both tangible and intangible heritage values. The heritage buildings in Rashid contain a distinguished architecture that continues the concept of Arabian house designs. This design keeps on privacy and gives a suitable freedom for who are living in these houses. These constructions had two functions as a place of residence, and in the same time, as headquarter of administrating the commercial affairs. The site is considered a theatre for governmental and commercial procedures in Rashid. Rashid has a range of space suitable for numerous activities which could enhance the visitor experience without causing any risks to the heritage constructions itself. The architectural planning coupled with fascinating the flourished arts, with the tale of Rashid settlements, are associated with a common historical figures. That’s why it has a great historical significance.  It embodies a long timeline, starting with its foundation during Ottoman period and continuing to the modern period. 


The lecture was given by:

Dr. said Raka

Director of Rosetta museum 

Moderated by: Mrs. Tarek Arafa- ANPIEMED Legal counsel 

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