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The Heritage Guide(issued 2017) of areas in Alexandria city

18/3/2018 to 21/3/2018

Architectural workshops



1- Fine art Fac.-Alexandria University,

 (Prof. Heba Abou Elfadel professor of Architecture )


2- National Organization for Urban Harmony:

(Dr. Hassan Bahghat- Head of Central department of heritage Research

Dr. Heidi Shalby- General Director of Heritage Preservation.

Dr. Haby  Hosney – Manager of technical department of heritage).


3- The Governorate of Alexandria

 (Arch. Sahar Sharaky – Manager of geographer & Info in Physical Planning and urban development).


The workshop was supervised

By (Arch. Sahar Sharaky)

ANPIEMED Consultant

The Cultural Foundation “ANPIEMED” organized a four days’ workshop about the criteria of distinguished heritage area’s in Alexandria.

The participants of this workshop were the following:

  • Local government authorities Engineers; executives’ engineers, of Alexandria Governorate.
  • General management for Physical Planning and urban development, of Alexandria Governorate.
  • Fine art Faculty- Architecture depart. Alexandria University.

Framework Structure of the workshop:

  • Identify the role of National Organization for Urban Harmony.
  • Present distinguished conservation zones’ criteria.
  • Buildings’ criteria for registration in national conservation documents.
  • Academic role in preserving heritage by presenting some models which are created by Academies researchers.
  • Executive complaints that are faced through applying the approved policies.

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