The city of inspiration colors and poetry (Nagy-Ungaretti)


Exhibitions & poetry Performances

Bibliotheca Alexandria

The event merges between poetry of Ungaretti and Nagy colors in collaboration with Bibliotheca Alexandrina. Giuseppe Ungaretti (1888-1970) was a pioneer of the Modernist movement in Italian poetry and is widely regarded as one of the leading Italian poets of the twentieth century. And Nagy was a pioneer of modern Egyptian photographic art and is considered in modern Egypt to be one the country’s most renowned painters. The two of them were born in Alexandria in 1888. And were colleagues in the same class at the Switzerland school in Alexandria.
The exhibition was an exceptional occasion, where the artist Esmat Dawestashy board trustee member of ANPIEDMED, and one of famous egypatian painter and writer, exhibited his own collection of rare painting of Mohamed Naghi and his sister Effat Naghi. The performance of Ungaretti poetry was given by young actors with both languages Arabic and Italian, accompanied by visual video and musical Effects.

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