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Alexandria before Alexander the Great until the Islamic era


Local Conference

Faculty of Arts- Alexandria University

Sixteen speakers

The conference was part of ANPIEMED program within the International Biennial BRAU4 in Alexandria. It was organized in partner with the Greek and Roman Archaeology Depart, Greek and Roman in Alexandria University-Faculty of Arts, and the supervision of Dr. Fathehia Gaber from Arts faculty, and Dr. Ayat Elmihy from ANPIEMED.  

The event aims to shed more light on the Alexandrian heritage and Archaeology through its history even before Alexander the great then the Ptolemaic, Roman and Coptic times, until the Islamic era.  

The lectures provide valuable researches about Alexandria as cosmopolitan city with a society rich of different ethnics and culture, this appeared through the archaeological artifacts and the inscriptions on it which confirms its globalization, some researches explain the important role of maritime archaeology in the city.

In parallel with the conference, there was an exhibition of artifacts model made by the under graduates students. It contained mosaic panels and architectural Marquette’s which also expressing the heritage of the city.

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