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Renovation, Reuse & Sustainable Maintain of Heritage – St. Catherine Cathedral of Alexandria


St. Catherine Cathedral of Alexandria

Renovation, Reuse of Heritage Building


Ahmed Al Mihy


Renovation Reuse & Sustainable Maintain of Heritage of St.Catherin Cathedral.

The conversion of underused historic buildings into functional properties increases the city’s tax base and may spur additional investment in the area. The target of this project is adaptive reuse methods and challenges or benets of a building that has special signicance. When restoration of religious buildings come into practice, this case is even harder than restoring any kind of monumental buildings, when faced with adaptive reuse examples of religious buildings, this kind of function variations in order to protect the meant values, the researches to be made and the ways to be followed can be described in a systematically manner as: re-functioning process.

The Project

1. Value of the Project within Old City Fabric

2. Value with city monuments and landmarks 

3. Time Line 

4. Architectural Sections 

5. Layout and Functions

6. External Piazza for Casual Events 

7. The Market 

8. Internal Piazza for Religious Events, Library, Public Cultural and Social Use 

9. Existing Backyard for Grand Events, Social Open Air Activities 

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