Change-Makers Tour of Alexandria




-Arch. Moh. Amin

Dr. Ayat Elmihy

The seminar hosted Ach. Moh. Amin, architecture teacher Environmental –Delta High Institute. & founder of Design Tour Company.

Design Tour aims to link between local community members and professionals. DT’s main aim throughout the process is to focus on the principles of human-centered design and to foster designers’ active role in problem solving leading to growth in their living environment.

The seminar introduces our project CTA is an integrated project that is complimentary to Design Tour’s series of workshops that aimed to kick starts such an approach of thinking. It undertakes present challenges of the living environment within Alexandria Governorate. It also highlighted living environmental city problems within the City of Alexandria and aimed to provide solutions with actual and practical implementation plans for these problems, from residents’ and service users’ point of view.

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