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Rosetta the Hidden Heritage



Art Museum

– Dr.  said Raka

Mr. Tarek Arafa


The seminar was part of ANPIEMED program within the International Biennial BRAU4 in Alexandria.

Dr. Said Raka director of Rosetta national Museum gave a lecture about Rosetta as a heritage city or an open air museum; where the heritage buildings contain a distinguished architecture that continues the concept of Arabian house designs. It’s kept on privacy and gives a suitable freedom for who are living in these houses. These constructions had two functions as a place of residence, and in the same time, as headquarter of administrating the commercial affairs. The site is considered a theatre for governmental and commercial procedures in Rosetta.

The architectural planning coupled with fascinating the flourished arts, with the tale of Rosetta settlements, are associated with a common historical figures. That’s why it has a great historical significance.  It embodies a long timeline, starting with its foundation during Ottoman period and continuing to the modern period. 

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