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The Italian Architectural and artistic Heritage in Egypt


Launch book

– Prof. Ezio Godoli
– Prof. Ulisse Tramonti
– Prof. Milva Giacomelli

In October 2017 we celebrate the launch book of the new edition “Italian Architectural and Artistic Heritage in Egypt-Documentation & Safeguard”. The book is the proceedings of the International conference, “Italian architectural and artistic Heritage in Egypt Documentation & Safeguard”, organizing by ANPIEMED in Cairo, Italian Culture Institute, November 28th, 2015, and Alexandria, El Horya lbedaa Centre, November 30th, December 18\ 2015. The book is editing by Milva Giacomelli, Ezio Godoli and Ulisse Tramonti.

The first launch book was organizing the 30th Oct. 2017, in the Italian archaeological center of Cairo. The second was in the art museum of Alexandria, where professors (Godoli and Tramonti from Florence University) and (prof. Christina from Polytechnico University of Milano) give lectures.

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