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Renovation Reuse & Sustainable Maintain of Heritage – Minet El Bassal district With focus on Borset Mina Elbassal Alexandria


The Complex cemeteries of Chatby- Alexandria

Renovation, Reuse of Heritage cemeteries



Sahar Mohamed Sharaky

Ahmed Al Mihy



The area of Shatby cemeteries complex gains its importance from the plurality, as there are cemeteries for more than twenty confessions of the three religions, as well as the tombs,  of many who lived and contributed to writing the history of the city, in addition to the strategic location

The project value:

      A privileged location in the middle of the city

      A site surrounded by many of the city’s landmarks

      The presence of tombs for more than 12 religious confessions

      The presence of tombs of many who lived and contributed in the history of the modern city

The project location consists of:

      Axial Street (Abdel Hamid Abu Haif) linking two important axes in the city, the axis of Al-Horreya Road and the axis of the metro road

      Many cemeteries on both sides of the central road

      A plantation belonging to the Agriculture faculty

      A mosaic museum at the entrance to the area on the side of Al-Hurriya Road

      The famous Shallalat Gardens area from the western side

The problematic:

      Multiple sects

      The varieties  in the administrative subordination of each of them, between  the church, embassy, governorate, or Ministry of Culture


      The development of an important and neglected area of the city.

      Providing funding sources that contribute to the maintenance, beautification and preservation of the area.

      Raise the level of the area.

      Creating new areas of activity to be add value, to turn it into an active area in the city.

      Providing complementary activities to serve cemetery visitors, whether local or expatriate.

Project plan and methodology:

       Study the project and clarify its importance within the city.

       Provide a preliminary overview of the activities that can be added to the project: as Cultural (an open library), Commercial (shops and café), Social (open areas for gathering), Souvenir (An exhibition to provide an overview of the history of the region and the famous personalities buried there).

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